New Feature: Customizing Your Toolbar

Customizing Your Toolbar

As the number of tools in GenomeSpace continues to grow, you may want to control which tools appear in your toolbar and in what order they appear to personalize your GenomeSpace.  You can now do this through our new feature: the Customize toolbar dialog.

To use this new functionality, go to the menu bar and select View>Customize toolbar...

You will see the Customize toolbar dialog, which allows you to reorder and show/hide the items on the toolbar.

To take a tool off of the toolbar, simply clear its checkbox.  To reorder the tools on your toolbar, drag and drop them into the order you prefer.

When you have the tools and arrangement you want set up in the dialog, click Save.  This will reorganize your toolbar, and this arrangement will persist every time you log in (unless you change it again!)

To make all the tools visible again and order them alphabetically, click Revert.  (But remember that if you want this view, you'll have to click Save.)

That's it!

Coming attraction: We are working on a GenomeSpace feature that will allow you to add private tools to your toolbar (such as your own GenePattern or Galaxy server).  These tools will only be visible to you and optionally a group of users you want to share them with.  This feature is still in development, but if you have a tool you would like added, please contact and we'll work with you to add it.