Opening the GSUI at a particular directory

For developers who would like to integrate the GenomeSpace UI (GSUI) into their web sites, there is a little-known feature you can use to open the GenomeSpace UI on a particular directory.

To do this you simply need to provide a parameter (?pathOrUrl=) to the GSUI launch URL telling it the path or the file that you want to open. For example,

This link will launch the GSUI, open at the directory path provided, in this case /Home/Public/SharedData/

The limitation of this feature is that you need to provide a path that is visible to the GenomeSpace user opening the URL. For example, if I provide a path to one of my directories under /Home/Ted/somedirectory, then no one (other than me, user=Ted in this case) will be able to open the directory.  To work around this, share the directory to the user or group you are giving the link to, and then use the path to the shared directory (as in the example above).

Also despite its name, pathOrUrl, it does not yet take URLs.  As you may guess however, this is a feature that will be available in a future release...

Update 11/17/2012

As noted above, you have been able to specify a path to a file or directory in order to open GenomeSpace automatically at that file/directory as if you had navigated down through the directory structure, but now you can use the GenomeSpace URL to do the same.  For example, to open the TCGA Squamous Cell Dataset you can use either of these links:

Please note that the link URLs are available for all files by right-clicking on the file, and selecting View file link from the pop-up menu.