Public Data: Project Achilles

Project Achilles is a systematic effort aimed at identifying genetic vulnerabilities across hundreds of well characterized cancer cell lines.  Large-scale functional screening of cancer cell lines provides a complementary approach to those studies that aim to characterize the molecular alterations (mutations, copy number alterations, etc.) of primary tumors, such as The Cancer Genome Atlas.  This project intends to identify genes essential for proliferation and survival using a genome-scale, systematic loss of function screen.  Each screen uses a lentivirally delivered pool of ~54K shRNAs targeting ~11K genes and identifies gene dependencies by comparing the population of shRNAs at the endpoint of the screen relative to the initial reference pool.

Project Achilles data is available in /Public/SharedData/Datasets/Achilles Phase 2.  (This requires a GenomeSpace login.  If you don't have one, it's easy to register.)

For more information on Project Achilles, see its page on the Broad Institute Cancer Program Resource Gateway.