New Feature: Tool tagging and search

The GenomeSpace team is pleased to announce the addition of tool tagging and search to GenomeSpace.

These new features allow anyone in the GenomeSpace community to publicly or privately annotate tools to reflect their capabilities and use, and to search through ones own and public annotations to find tools with particular annotations, names, creators, or descriptions.

Tagging a Tool

To tag a tool, you start by opening the tool's drop-down in the tool bar.  Select Tags to view the current tags on a tool. 

From this dialog box, you can add a new tag (optionally including a description) or remove a tag that you put onto a tool.  You cannot remove tags placed by other users however.

To add a tag in this dialog box:

  1. Enter your tag in the Tag field. Note: when you begin typing the name of a new tag, it will automatically search the tool tag database for existing matches so that you can reuse tags that others have created.

  1. Optionally, enter a description of the tag.
  2. Click Apply Tag.

To remove a tag from the tool:

  1. Click the tag in the dialog box.
  2. Click Remove Tag.

Searching Tools

To search through tool tags, names, or descriptions, select System>Search for Tools from the menu bar.

Enter your search term(s) and click Search Tools.  All searches are case-insensitive (i.e., GENE will match to gene, Gene, geNe, etc).  

The search results display the tools with all their tags.  The matching search term is bolded in the tool name/description and matching tags are shown and clicking on a tag in the search results will cause a new search to be made using that tag as the search term.