GenomeSpace UI Changes Summary, November 2012

Over the last several months there have been numerous changes and updates to GenomeSpace, not all of which received their own blog posts.  Below is a summary of many of the more interesting recent changes.

System Menu Renamed Manage

The System menu has been renamed Manage.  New menu items have been added to the Manage menu to permit searching for a tool and mounting storage options external to GenomeSpace (currently your own or public Amazon S3 buckets with more options to come in the future).

Tools and Data Sources Combined

Formerly, the analysis tools and datasources were kept in separate lists at the top of your page.  We have changed GenomeSpace to keep these in a single list now and have added a slider to allow you to navigate between them when there are too many to fit on the screen.

Drag-and-Drop Move of Multiple Files

If you select multiple files using the checkboxes, you may now drag-and-drop to move them all to a new directory.  Previously, only the one file you were dragging would be moved, not all selected files.

Launch Tools on External URLs

You can now drag a URL from your browser and drop it onto the dropzone in the tool launch dialog to launch a GenomeSpace tool on that URL.  This allows you to launch GenomeSpace tools on URLs from any web site, not just GenomeSpace.

Help Menu Additions

We have added links to the GenomeSpace support page and an email link (Contact us) to the Help menu to make it easier for you to get help with the GSUI or the GenomeSpace tools.

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