New Features: File manipulation enhancements

New Feature: Drag and drop files to copy them

Since GenomeSpace was released, you have been able to move a file or folder by using the mouse to drag and drop it into the folder you would like to move it to.  As of the latest update, you can now use this same approach to copy a file (or folder) to a new location. To copy the file/folder instead of moving it, press and hold down the CTRL, SHIFT, or ALT key on your keyboard (any one key will do) while you drop the file into its new location.

In addition, if you drag and drop a file or folder that you have read, but not write, access to, it will now copy the folder to the new location by default.

We hope that these changes will make it even easier for you to manage your GenomeSpace files and folders. Please feel free to contact us at gs-help at broadinstitute dot org if you would like to request any other changes or features.

Experimental Feature: Drag files from your desktop to upload

In an effort to make it even easier to upload your data to GenomeSpace, we have enabled HTML5 uploading in GenomeSpace.  What this means is that if you are using a modern browser that supports HTML5 (for example, Firefox 18 or higher, Chrome 24 or higher), you can now upload files to GenomeSpace by dragging them from your desktop and dropping them onto the folder in GenomeSpace where you would like them to be.

Please note that this is still an experimental feature, so there may be some rough edges.  If you happen to experience isssues, please let us know at gs-help at broadinstitute dot org and we will try to smooth them out for you.

One warning for users of the Chrome browser:  Chrome loads your files into memory during the upload process, so if you use this feature for very large files (e.g., 1GB+) the memory used by your Chrome process can become very large.  We suggest that for very large files, you continue to use the Java Uploader applet at this time.