Connecting GenomeSpace to Dropbox

GenomeSpace is pleased to announce that you can now connect to your Dropbox files via your GenomeSpace account, giving you an additonal option for accessing and analyzing the files you have stored in the cloud.

Connecting your GenomeSpace account to your Dropbox account takes just two steps:

  1. Select Connect>Dropbox in the menu bar and click Submit.
  2. Tell Dropbox that GenomeSpace is allowed to access your files.

This is what these steps look like: First, select Connect>Dropbox in the menu bar.

Next, select the privileges GenomeSpace can have in Dropbox. This can be Read only, but choose Read and Write if you want GenomeSpace to be able to send files into your Dropbox folders.

When you click Submit in this dialog, a new window will open to the Dropbox site for the next step.  Note that if you have a popup blocker enabled on your browser, you have to allow this popup window to be opened.

If you are not already logged in to Dropbox, the Dropbox window will ask you to login.


Dropbox will then ask you to confirm that you want to allow GenomeSpace to access your Dropbox account.  Click Allow.

When you allow GenomeSpace to access your Dropbox account, GenomeSpace will connect to Dropbox and create a new folder in your GenomeSpace home directory.

After this, you can copy files between GenomeSpace and Dropbox and send files directly from Dropbox to any of the GenomeSpace tools. 

If you want to disconnect Dropbox from GenomeSpace, right-click on the Dropbox folder and select Disconnect.

For information on how to connect to Amazon S3 buckets, refer to the Adding an Amazon S3 Bucket page of the User Guide.