GenomeSpace UI enhancements

This morning, we updated the GenomeSpace user interface (GSUI) with several enhancements to make it easier to use and work with your files.  The new GSUI looks like this:

Some of the changes and upgrades from the previous version include the following:

  1. Sortable files and directories:  You can now sort the files and directories in your GenomeSpace folders according to the header you click (Filename, Owner, Size, Last Modified).
  2. Larger drop targets for file upload: Dragging and dropping a file from your desktop over a folder will automatically upload the file to that folder.  If you drop it on a file, or below the list of files it will upload to the currently open folder.
  3. New Connect menu: The Connect menu has been added to make it easier to connect your GenomeSpace account to other cloud storage providers.
  4. User interface tweaks: Numerous small changes to give you more room to see and work with your files.
  5. Faster loading: Various improvements to make GenomeSpace load more quickly when you log in.

If you have suggestions for additional improvements, please contact us at