File Tagging and Search

We are pleased to announce that we have added the ability to 'tag' your files to GenomeSpace.  With this feature you can add any number of tags to your GenomeSpace files to provide another way to organize them or to make it easy to find all of the files belonging to a particular project.

Adding Tags to a File

To add a tag to a file, simply right click on a file and select 'tags' from the context menu. To add tags to many files at once, check the files in the file browser and then select Tags from the File menu.  This will open up the file tagging dialog.


Start typing the text for your tag in the field provided. 

When you hit the 'Enter' key, the tags will be created and added to the file(s). To add multiple tags at one time, simply put a comma "," at the end of each tag.

Once you close the dialog, the tags will be displayed in your file view like this.

Removing tags

To remove a tag, open the file tagging dialog as before on one or more files, and click the red 'x' next to the tag name.  The tag will then be deleted from the selected files.

File Search

Along with the file tags, we have also added a file search capability to GenomeSpace.  To use it simply type the search term you want in the search box at the top right corner of the GenomeSpace User Interface Window. 

Search automatically searchs for files based on the tags and the file name.  Search results are seperated between files and tools and are displayed in place of the usual directory view.  To return to the directory view click on the 'Return to file list' link.

Search is always case insensitive and automatically adds wildcards to the front and end of the term you typed.  So if you search for for 'FOO' you would get any files with FOO, foo, FoO etc anywhere in the filename or in a tag.  You can constrain the search to filenames and tags starting or ending with a particular string by adding a percent sign '%' at the start or end of the search string. e.g.  use '%.bai' to seach for files with the '.bai' extension or 'SFPK%' to search only for files starting with the String 'SFKP'.  Unfortunately, you cannot at the moment use the '%' wildcard in the middle of the search string.

Files in search results will display their path if you hover the mouse over them.  You can also go directly to the containing folders from the file context menus.

Please let us know if you have any suggestions for how to make this more useful for you and your team.