Private Tools - now shareable with multiple groups

The GenomeSpace team has updated the servers and GSUI to allow you to now share your 'private' tools to multiple user groups at the same time.  Click here to see the original post about adding private tools to your GenomeSpace toolbar.

The only change is at the bottom of the dialog where the list of groups the tool is hared to is located.  The new interface looks like this with the changed region highlighted by a red box;

In this example, the tool is shared with the two groups 'GS-Developers' and 'Test1'.  To add a group, select its name from the '---Select a Group---' dropdown and click the 'add' button. To remove a group from the list simply click the red 'x' beside its name.  For either adding or removing you must also then 'Save' your changes with the 'Save' button.

Hopefully this will make it easier than ever to share your tools with your coworkers.