Sharing just got easier

When GenomeSpace was first released, to share a file (or a private tool) you needed to know your collaborator's username which often involved emailing them to ask them what it was. GenomeSpace now supports looking up other GenomeSpace users by their email address or by partial username matching. So if you have your collaborator's email address, you can now look up their username when you are

  • sharing a file
  • sharing a private tool
  • managing a user group

When you click on the username text field in the dialog boxes for any of the above, you will now see the 'find user' dialog appear.  Simply enter either an email address or a partial username and the GenomeSpace User Interface will find your collaborator's username for you and fill it in in the form.


For those of you who would prefer not to let other GenomeSpace users find you via your email address (or partial username matching) you can opt-out of being in the search results from your GenomeSpace profile dialog.  Other users will then have to know your exact username in order to share tools or files with you.