New Feature: Heatmap previews

For those of you frequently working with data in the gct matrix format, or a format that can be converted to gct (currently gxp and Genomica tab formatted files) it is now possible to visualize your files as heatmaps directly within the GenomeSpace user interface.

To start, select the file preview for a file.

This will open the standard preview dialog.  If it is possible to visualize this file as a heatmap. you will se a 'Heatmap' tab beside the 'Preview' tab.

Clicking on this tab will display your data as a heatmap.

Some notes:

  • Currently this works only for gct, gxp and Genomica tab formatted files.  If you would like this to be available for other formats, pelase contact us.
  • Unlike the Preview tab, which displays the first 5000 bytes of the file, the Heatmap will load the entire file into your browser. For large files it may be slow or limited by the memory available on your computer.
  • The colors are row normalized. Provision to alter the color map or add sample annotations may come later.
  • This is implemented using the excellent jheatmap javascript library.