The Cancer Cell Line Encyclopedia Portal now exports to GenomeSpace

The Cancer Cell Line Encyclopedia portal (CCLE) can now export data directly to GenomeSpace to facilitate its analysis in any of the GenomeSpace tools.

The Cancer Cell Line Encyclopedia provides public access to genomic data, analysis and visualization for about 1000 cell lines.

Since the CCLE is using the GenomeSpace lightweight data integration library, you will still need a separate account on the CCLE in order to access the data it contains.  

Sending data from the CCLE to GenomeSpace starts by going to the Browse > Data menu from any page.



Once on the data page, a GenomeSpace icon has been added beside each file name. 


Clicking on this icon will launch the GenomeSpace import dialog window. From there you can login to GenomeSpace if necessary (or register for GenomeSpace), select the directory you want to save the file to, and optionally rename the file.

Once you hit the submit button, the file will be automatically copied from the Cancer Cell Line Encyclopedia portal into your GenomeSpace directory.  From here you can then analyze the data using the usual GenomeSpace mechanisms.