Toolbar enhancements

It has long been possible to customize your GenomeSpace toolbar by adding, reordering or hiding tools.  This has now gotten a little easier with the changes that we've just released.

1. Reordering the tools in your toolbar

You have always been able to reorder tools in your toolbar from the View>>Customize Toolbar menu but you can now also accomplish this just by dragging and dropping the tools within the toolbar itself. Simply click and hold on a tool's icon and drag it to the left or right to change its place in the toolbar order.

2. Hiding tools you don't use

As with the reordering, you could previously do this from the View>>CustomizeToolbar menu, but you can now also hide a tool by clicking on the tool's dropdown menu and then selecting the 'Hide' option.  If it is a private tool that you have permission to edit, you will also see an 'Edit' menu item here to allow you to change the tools properties.

3. Finding new (or hidden) tools

If you have hidden a tool or want to find out what else is available and not showing on your toolbar, use the View>>CustomizeToolbar menu item.  This will bring up the toolbar dialog which will show you the currently hidden tools in the panel on the right.  You can also use this dialog to reorder or hide tools by dragging and dropping them within or between the shown/hidden tool lists.


4. Resizing your toolbar

Finally, you can now also resize the toolbar to give your files more space in the browser window.  To do this simply click on the handle along the bottom edge of the toolbar slider and drag it upwards.  Once the icons get smaller than about 50% it will also hide the tool names to leave even more space for your files.