File Upload changes

Recently a few members of the GenomeSpace community noticed that there was no way to know if a file upload was working or not after they had dragegd and dropped a file on a GenomeSpace folder.  Turns out they had found a bug in the system.  While an upload indicator was appearning for really large files, the notification system for smaller files was ... broken. We have now fixed the file upload notifications so that you can see indication of an upload in progress no matter what the size of the file (or files).

The upload indicator can be seen near the top right corner of your screen.  If an upload is in progress it will be animated like this  and once the upload is complete the animation will stop.  Clicking on the icon will bring up the 'Recent Uploads' dialog box that shows you the progress of the upload.

We are working on making upload progress more visible and you should see more improvements in this part of the GenomeSpace UI shortly.