GenomeSpace now supports compression and decompression of your files in the cloud

In response to user requests, the GenomeSpace development team has added the ability to compress and decompress files and folders that are on your GenomeSpace storage. We are initially supporting .zip, .tar, and .tar.gz formats.

Creating an archive

To create an archive means to compress one or more files and folders. To start, simply select one or more files and folders in the GenomeSpace User Interface.  You will see the new menu item, 'Create Archive' on both the popup (right click) and on the main File menus. If you include a folder to be compressed, the created archive will include all the contents of that folder. When the archive is created it copies the files into that archive, so your originals will be safe and unmodified by the archive creation.


Selecting either of these menu items will open up the 'Create File Archive' dialog box. Here you can select the type of compression to be used; .zip, .tar or .tar.gz and you can also choose the directory and filename for the new archive file.

As the archive creation is taking place, a notification message will appear at the bottom of the GenomeSpace User Interface (GSUI) showing the progress.  Once it is complete, the notification will turn grey  and you can click on it to have the GSUI navigate directly to the new archive. Should an error occur, the notification will turn red and clicking on it will open a detailed message detailing the nature of the error.

Expanding an archive

Expanding (decompressing) an archive also begins from the file and/or popup menus.  To start select the archive that you wish to decompress and then select the 'Expand Archive' menu as seen here. This menu item only shows up for files with the .zip, .tar and .tar.gz file extensions.

As with the compression, this will create a notifier at the bottom of the page to show you the status of the expansionwhich will turn grey when complete , or red should an error occur . Clicking on the notification after it has completed will navigate the GSUI to the newly created file or folders that have been extracted from the archive.

That's it, please let us know if there are other features you would like to see added to GenomeSpace.