The GenomeSpace Web Development Kit

Tool Developers: We are glad to announce the release of our GenomeSpace Web Development Kit (WDK), which allows web applications to easily save files to GenomeSpace. Applications can either provide URLs or send file contents to GenomeSpace in a POST, to be saved as a file. The WDK supports launching a GenomeSpace tool on a file or URL, so with minimal modification any web application can send data into the universe of GenomeSpace tools for analysis. Click here to see code samples, documentation, and a live demo to add this functionality to a website.

Launching a GenomeSpace tool

When users launch a WDK on a URL, they will see the following window. GenomeSpace authentication is handled in this window, obviating the need for web applications to integrate into GenomeSpace single sign-on.

Selecting a tool in the toolbar will launch the tool allowing the user to analyze the file. Please note that the current implementation does not yet support automatic format conversion. This will be added shortly.

For more use cases and example code, see the live demo page.