What Is GenomeSpace?

GenomeSpace bridges the gaps between popular bioinformatics tools, making it possible for you to move data smoothly between these tools, leveraging the available analyses and visualizations in each of these tools.  GenomeSpace allows you to store your data files in the Amazon cloud, and provides necessary file format transformations whenever you select an analysis or visualization within one of the tools.  It also includes the ability to link your GenomeSpace login to your user accounts in the GenomeSpace tools.

GenomeSpace can be thought of as:

  • a take-off point for an analysis
  • a landing pad between steps of an analysis
  • a dashboard for constructing your analysis, and for moving and converting your files within your analysis
  • a file management center

While GenomeSpace is the nexus that links all the GenomeSpace tools to data files stored in the cloud, via scripts that can transform the data files into formats needed by those tools, it also enables users to manipulate files and launch tools needed for the full analysis.

GenomeSpace has a web-based interface that provides functionality to:

  • upload, download, and manage files and directories in your GenomeSpace cloud storage
  • send data files to GenomeSpace tools for analysis
  • convert data files on the fly to the file types needed for the destination tool
  • receive data files from GenomeSpace data sources
  • share data files with colleagues (individually or as groups) or the public

Tools and Data Sources

GenomeSpace tools are applications that allow users to either perform analyses on or visualize data.  You can send files to these applications from GenomeSpace and save files from those applications to GenomeSpace.

Data sources are repositories of data files that are linked to GenomeSpace so that you can send files from those repositories to GenomeSpace (and then on to GenomeSpace tools).

Currently, GenomeSpace provides connections between the tools and data sources listed here.

Want to Just Start Working with GenomeSpace?

If you want to just get in there and start working with GenomeSpace, check out the Public/SharedData folder in your GenomeSpace Directories for some sample data files you can use with or without the Recipes.

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